Are bugs holding back your mobile application from performing up to its potential?

Mobile App Testing Services

Discover the secret to a high-performing mobile application that delights users and empowers you with valuable insights and optimisations, ensuring limitless growth of your application.

Stable Application

There is nothing more frustrating for mobile app users to face frequent crashes whenever they try to use the app. This service can identify and resolve bugs, performance issues, and memory leaks to make the app stable, leading to positive reviews and a maximum adoption rate.

Cross-Platform Performance

With countless devices and platforms, ensuring cross-platform compatibility is tedious. By testing on legions of devices, emulators, and simulators, your application will conquer every platform and device, delighting users on every device. 

Supreme Customer Loyalty

When customers find value in a product, they become loyal to it. Investing in mobile testing services will lay the foundation of an unbreakable bond between your app and its users, driving positive reviews, and enthusiastic recommendations, and increase user engagement.

Resource Utilization

Mobile devices have limited resources on the go including the battery, memory, and processing powder. This service can elevate the app’s efficiency, ensure smooth operation and minimize battery drain even on low-end devices so that your users’ devices can have plenty of juice left even after spending a lot of time on your app.

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Advantages of Mobile App Testing

Mobile apps have become indispensable tools for businesses and mobile app testing helps in making these apps successful in the long run by providing the following benefits.


Our Mobile App Testing Services & Solutions

Attain end-to-end coverage of your mobile application with comprehensive and global mobile app testing services at our mobile app testing company.

Mobile Test Automation

Embrace the power of efficiency and precision with the mobile test automation service that streamlines the testing process, enabling rapid and accurate evaluations across various devices and scenarios.

Mobile Accessibility Testing

Make your mobile app a welcoming space for everyone by adhering to accessibility guidelines. By removing accessibility barriers, your app will become a beacon of inclusivity, making it accessible for people with disabilities.

Mobile App Cloud Testing

Prepare your app for the cloud challenges with cloud testing solutions. Test your app’s resilience and scalability under varying network conditions, guaranteeing a seamless user experience and ensuring it can handle the demands of a dynamic digital landscape.

Mobile Performance Testing

A high-performing app always delights users. With that in mind, maintain the high performance of your mobile app by putting it under rigorous testing to identify performance issues, measure KPIs, and make necessary alterations to optimize its responsiveness, speed, and resource utilization.

Mobile Compatibility Testing

Verify the functionality and user experience of your app across a wide range of devices, operating systems, screen sizes, and versions, ensuring that your mobile app thrives across all major devices and platforms.

Mobile Usability Testing

Various elements of your app will be analyzed including interface design, navigation flow, and user interaction to elevate the usability and overall user experience of your app. With better usability, users are more likely to remain on your app, improving the overall daily and monthly user base.

Mobile Security Testing

Security testing involves a comprehensive assessment of your mobile app to identify vulnerabilities that can be exploited by attackers. This involves digging deep into the app, performing ethical hacking, penetration testing, and implementing robust security measures to keep user data secure and prevent any cyberattack.

Mobile Compliance Testing

Build user trust by meeting compliance standards. With mobile compliance testing, your app is sure to meet the data protection standards, security protocols, and regulatory requirements, maintaining its integrity and building long-term faith in your app.

Mobile Functional Testing

Performing functional testing on your mobile app ensures that all its features and functionalities perform as intended, meeting user expectations and delivering a seamless experience. With in-depth testing of each function, every functional defect will be eradicated, leaving a clean and functional mobile app.

Types of

App Tested by our Mobile App Testers

As mobile apps come in different types, each type requires a specific testing approach for efficient performance and user experience. The following are the types of apps tested by ThinkSys which you can pick as per your app type.

Native Apps

Validate the functionality and performance of apps built specifically for a particular mobile platform; be it Android or iOS. By conducting specific tests based on the app’s native platform, our QA professionals identify and address issues in minimal time.

Cross Platform Apps

Reach users across both platforms with a single app by allowing our professionals to test the app’s compatibility, functionality, and user experience on different operating systems. The primary focus is verifying platform compatibility, app responsiveness, and platform-specific features for optimal performance.

Mobile Web Apps

Mobile web apps eradicate the installation as they work on browsers, allowing you to target more users. Our testing optimizes web apps’ navigation, responsiveness, data handling, and compatibility across various screens, OS, and browsers, providing a seamless experience to your users.

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